Thursday, 3 November 2011

God won't dig the hole

When we pray, how do we expect our prayers to be answered?

Imagine this. You've seen the ornamental water feature that will look perfect in your garden. The garden centre truck has delivered it into the back yard.

Excitedly you read the instruction leaflet. Slightly less excitedly, you read that you need a 4-foot square hole, 3 feet deep in order to get the thing installed. That's over a cubic yard of soil to dig out - which probably weighs a couple of tons.

Wow. Suddenly the job takes on new proportions. Gonna need to put some prayer into this.

But what to pray for? The outcome you want is a hole dug. But if you pray for that, you might be waiting a long time. Miracles such as holes appearing spontaneously in the right place in your garden might happen, but they're few and far between. Even the armies in 2 Kings chapter 3 had to dig their own ditches before God filled them with water.

Better to pray for God's help in getting the job done. Pray for good digging weather - not too hot, not too wet. Pray for strength and determination to keep you focussed on the task. For neighbours to help you out, even for the loan of equipment to make the job easier.

When, with God's help, you've got the hole dug, take a photo. Keep it with you to remind you that God didn't dig a hole for you, he answered your prayers by empowering you to be the best hole-digger you can be.

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