Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Willow Creek comes to town

Our church, Kerith Community Church in Bracknell, turns into one of many satellites of Willow Creek this weekend as the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit comes to town.

Not the real conference, of course – that was back in August and wasn’t without controversy – Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz was forced to step down from an engagement to speak because of an anti-gay protest – this is a video re-run over two days which is doing a world tour.

I’m a big fan of the Senior Pastor at Willow Creek, Bill Hybels. He is a consummate communicator, dedicated evangelist and an inspirational church leader. I’ve read a number of his books, and I particularly recommend ‘Holy Discontent’, which describes Bill’s view of how each of us can discern and answer our individual calling to make a difference in the world.

Willow Creek started the Leadership Summit series back in 1995 with a mission to inspire local church leaders to build on their leadership gifts. It’s now a worldwide event with over 100,000 attendees in over 70 countries. Which is quite some achievement.

I’m delighted that the GLS is coming to our church. And even more delighted that I have the chance to attend. With 2 days in church listening to inspirational leaders, both church and secular, who knows how God will speak to me – I just hope I’ll be ready to respond.  

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